Website Packages + Optional Extras

Your Domain & Hosting

This is for those that wish to get a domain
in their family name. They can then personalise their emails, for example, to:

√ 1 domain name

√ 5 email addresses

√ webmail (access your email from anywhere)

√ 1 year's hosting

Standard Website Package
From £150

The Standard Package meets the needs of most budgets.

√ A basic web page starts at £150/page

√ All Images and graphics including logo
can be added at no extra cost

√ 5 emails + webmail free

Even a one page website can be used as a calling card with your : phone numbers and emails on. Before your fully functioning site is up and running, for £150.
Deluxe Website Package
From £800

A Deluxe package starts at £150/page (minimum of 6 pages) There after, each page costs £140. Many of the optional elements come as standard. For instance, Google maps and forms to gather information.

√ Minimum of 6 pages

√ Free Google maps, free forms, free graphics, free pro-photography

√ Monthly visitor statistics at low cost

Custom Website Package
From £1000

A Custom package starts at £200+/page (minimum of 5 pages.) It can include flash and video as standard and many features seen on big very expensive web sites.

Such a site will be bespoke with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a site costing twice as much.

It is worth considering purchasing a standard or Deluxe package and adding the optional extras for the budget conscious.

Optional Extras for your site
From £20
Some of the options available
Forms................ add £20 gather client information efficiently

ReCapture for forms.................. add £30 to stop spammers hijacking your email

Maps.................add £30 Great for your customers to locate you Add lots more interactive information within a web page at a low cost.
There are many more budget options like jquery. Just email for more examples.
Just Hosting
If you are designing yourself you might want free4biz just to host for you.

The advantage to you for a small annual fee, currently from £35.00, gets you updates and advice to keep your site fresh and automatic renewal
An example of a jquery slider
A typical reCapture box for forms
A typical reCapture box for forms